Copywriting That Communicates


It all begins with who you think you are, what you want people to think about your company and how best to communicate those things to your market in a way that is not only interesting, but also distinctive. You can't say what everyone else says and standout in your local market or in your field. Business, like life, is full of choices. Making more of the right ones can make all of the difference. Our marketing services include the following:

Marketing Plans

Brand Strategy

Advertising Campaigns [broadcast and print]

Image Campaigns

Cause Marketing

Corporate Slogans 

Collateral Materials 

Trade Show Materials

Corporate Video Scripts 

SEO Enhanced Web Content

Product Launches

A to Z Public Relations


We take a multi-faceted approach to creating buzz for your business. We'll create the PR Plan, write the press releases and blog posts and reach out to digital, print, and broadcast media with stories and information of interest to your current customer base and your expansion markets.  We can't put every client on the front page of a major daily newspaper or land a 3-page feature in a national magazine, but we have been successful in this regard.  Our public relations services include:

PR Positioning Strategy

Key Word Press Releases

Electronic Press Kits

Bylined Articles

Newsletters and Magazines

Corporate Ghost writing 

Online Pressrooms

Blogging/Social Media Posts

Media Relations 

Press Release Distribution

Human Resource Solutions


Through either a one-time project or an ongoing partnership, Anderson and Company is committed to client satisfaction with insightful and cost-effective solutions to human resource needs. Clients can hire us on a project basis when planning a corporate expansion or to take up the slack when your regular HR staff has extra needs. From strategic HR planning to staffing issues, we are ready to help you navigate the often complex areas of hiring and management.  Our Human resource services include the following:

Strategic HR Planning




Regulatory Compliance

HR Training for Management 

Employee Training

Team Building 

Workplace Culture